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About Us

Since 1983, RHEMA  has been providing excellent logistics solutions for its customers, providing a single-stop logistics service that transcends borders and logistical barriers.

RHEMA offers specialized logistics service in events, exhibitions, fine arts and show freight. Operating  our own warehouse and specialised trucks including Air-ride/climate control with a permanent force of 30 experienced staff, our specialists provide personalised total logistics solution to our customers’ most challenging concerts, events or exhibitions.

RHEMA prides itself with an impeccable reputation of ensuring service excellence through close monitoring of consignments, and accurate, timely and safe deliveries.

Our customers, who include event and exhibition organisers, show promoters, exhibitors. artists, museum curators, art galleries, etc., have always depended on our specialists to deliver. At RHEMA, our specialists coordinate customers’ consignments - giving attention to details and observing deadlines & special requirements on a 24/7 basis – relieving them of the burden of handling, and worrying over, complicated logistical projects on their own.

Our extensive network of agents and partners, as well as our extensive experience in specialised logistics management ensure that your freight and event needs are taken care with the utmost diligence and efficiency. RHEMA’s world-class personalised specialised logistics service continually brings back repeat customers, as well as attracts new customers.